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The Annual Report- Highlights and Updates

This show features a sampling of new works by 2 dozen of our artists, in mediums ranging from lush oil to flowing acrylic, mixed-media to photography. Included are colorful abstracts, detailed figurative work, street art, surrealism, photography, and plein air scenics.














Through the Window

For the past several months many California residents have been living in isolation, some with limited access to just about everything. Many artists have been stymied, without access to their studio, without ability to purchase supplies, without social contact. These six artists have found beauty “Through The Window” – from backyard hedges to cactus gardens, streetlamps to birds, mountain views with majestic trees to the city skyline from their loft. Ranging from locations in Downtown LA to San Juan Island, Indio to San Diego, these mid-career artists have found beauty in their own backyard. Most of this work was created during the first  California lock-down in Spring 2020.





Some past Highlights from the gallery...

Here is a slide show of some past gallery events. Much of this work is available on the ARTSY online gallery